The technology of water production "MY WATER" is built on the basis of cavitation technology.
Basically, cavitation has the same mechanism of action as the shock wave in the air that arises when the sound barrier overcomes the solid body.

During the 2000 - 2007 gg. the company «MY WATER» conducted similar experiments on the influence of the cavitation process on:
- physical and chemical properties of water;
- energy-information properties of water;
- Variations of mixing water with food and non-food items.

In the framework of experiments, unique parameters were achieved:
1. Characteristics of equipment, as well as materials used in the manufacture of equipment;

2. Process specification:
- high-speed parameters of the equipment operation;
- temperature regimes;
- Temporary modes;

3. Quantitative proportions for mixing food and non-food ingredients.
As a result, unique production equipment and technology was created, which is confirmed by clinical and technical studies, the main principles of which are:
- Production of water with high oxygen content;
- The ideal crystal lattice, which allows the membrane of the Human cell to feed on water;
- Water with increased PH content (average 7.6 - 8.3).

4. Purification of water and improved physicochemical parameters (as confirmed by numerous studies of the Federal Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology of the Russian Federation).
5. Mixing water with any food ingredients, as well as with a group of non-food ingredients.

What are we doing.
A person needs a clean living environment, high-quality food products that ensure his vital functions and the most important condition is clean water. MY WATER was established as a research and production site for the purification and structuring of water.

Subsequently, the complex technology "MY WATER" was developed, which allows:

1. Purify of water (including desalinated).
2. Produce Pure water with an increased content of Ph and oxygen;
3. mixing water with various components (food and non-food), a distinctive method of which is the technology of cavitation and the change in the crystal lattice of components.
Stages of production.
The scheme of the process.
Mechanical filtration of water is a method of purification, which is aimed at extracting different types of particles from water, by filtering it through special materials. Mechanical cleaning filters allow the removal of sand, mud, turbidity, scale, and other suspended matter from the water from the water. Saline-containing macroelements, such as calcium, magnesium and bicarbonate anions dissolved in water, can not be removed by this method.
In the water treatment system, when filtering water, filter elements of coarse mechanical cleaning are installed. They are capable of detaining large suspensions and impurities from the water coming from the well, the village water supply and the well. Preliminary mechanical filtration ensures the normal operation of subsequent modules of the entire cleaning system, while retaining large mechanical particles. Mechanical filtration is only the preparation of water for deeper purification (cavitation).
The technology of water production "MY WATER" is built on the basis of cavitation technology.
Initially, a group of scientists from the Academic Town of Novosibirsk (Siberia, Russia) conducted a lengthy study of the process of cavitation and its effect on the properties of water.
Cavitation is the process of formation and subsequent collapse of vacuum bubbles in a fluid flow, accompanied by noise and hydraulic shocks, the formation of cavities (cavitation bubbles, or voids) in the liquid that may contain sparse vapor. Cavitation occurs as a result of a local decrease in the pressure in the liquid, which can occur either with an increase in its velocity (hydrodynamic cavitation) or during the passage of an acoustic wave of high intensity during the half-life of rarefaction (acoustic cavitation), there are other causes of the effect. Moving with the flow into the region with a higher pressure or during the half-period of compression, the cavitation bubble collapses, radiating a shock wave. Basically, cavitation has the same mechanism of action as the shock wave in the air that arises when the sound barrier overcomes the solid body.
Mixing is carried out by cavitation of water and ingredients.
With an increase in water temperature in the framework of cavitation, the kinetic energy of water molecules increases, and phase transitions occur in accordance with the breaking bonds:

1. first, the bonds due to the van der Waals forces (dipole interaction forces) are broken, this is the first phase transition,
2. then the bonds due to OH hydrogen bond forces are broken, the clusters are destroyed, this is the second phase transition,
3. then the energy becomes sufficient for evaporation and there is a separation of the molecules and a transition to the gaseous phase, this is a first-order phase transition - evaporation of water.
4. The process of condensation of water with molecules of other substances (ingredients).

The use of the structures listed below, as well as a combination of their forms, makes it possible to obtain a product by properties and qualities that are substantially superior to analogues. The water produced by our technology contains more oxygen than any water offered by other manufacturers on the market.

Pyramid - a unique structure, ideal for quality and long shelf life of products
The hemisphere - harmonious inner space is ideal for harmonious natural processes, the analogy of holes in the animal world
Fullerene is an undeveloped form of the structure in which qualitative changes of the placed object occur at the atomic-molecular level
Форма строений.
Studies have shown that the pyramid is a collector of energy due to the reflection and refraction of cosmic rays inside it. The actions of these rays inside the pyramid mummify corpses, and the water in them becomes curative. This form effect was discovered in 1930 by the French engineer Antoine Bovi. Then the Prague radio engineer K.Drban with his help began to sharpen the razor blades. The same principle applies to the installation for biological water purification in Romania. In Bulgaria, in pyramidal greenhouses, fruit is grown three times faster. And in California, American doctor Patrick Garsfis treats his patients in this way.

Another researcher - P.Lickens not only confirmed previous studies, but also made significant progress in his studies. In particular, he used the properties of pyramids to improve the growth of flowers, the germination of vegetable seeds, improve the quality of motor gasoline, charging aluminum foil, which could be used to relieve pain. The study of the mysterious properties of the pyramids was also given great attention by such Russian scientists as A. Golod, E. Muldashev, L.Rego.
In Arab sources, regardless of the Egyptian priests, indicating that the Atlanteans owned the Mediterranean and, probably, part of Egypt, they speak of the pyramids of the pharaohs as if they were built in memory of the flood that destroyed civilization, and at the same time, in the event of a future flood.

Abd-al-Lashif in the "Narration of Egypt" wrote: "The pyramids are built of huge stones from ten to twenty cubits long, from two to three cubits tall and of the same width. But especially amazing is the amazing thoroughness with which these stones are cut and laid. Plates are so well-fitting that between them you can not put any needles or hair anywhere between them. They are connected by a mortar with a layer not thicker than a sheet of paper; I do not know what kind of solution it is, its composition is completely unknown to me. The stones are covered with ancient writings, which no one can now read. In all of Egypt, I have not met anyone who would say that he can read this letter or know such a person. There are a lot of inscriptions, and if someone had a desire to rewrite only those of them that are visible on the surface of these two (largest) pyramids, he would fill them with over ten thousand pages. "
Another Arab researcher who visited Egypt in the 12th century of this century echoed to him: Ibrahim Wazir-shah: "On the pyramids wherever there was a place: on the floor, on the walls, on the ceiling, were written the sciences known Egyptians, the stars are painted, not only the names of medicines, but also their useful and harmful properties are mentioned, features of various talismans, knowledge of mathematics and architecture were listed ... "

However, the Egyptian pyramids also have negative properties. Recent studies have shown, for example, that at different heights within the pyramid, the effects are also different: from beneficial to deadly. In the last ten years, researchers from France, the United States, and Japan, using the latest instruments, discovered the presence of unknown voids, both in the pyramids and beneath them, filled with sand with rather unusual properties.

It is also found that the pyramid contributes to the emergence of a so-called altered state of consciousness, for example, a trance with phenomena of clairvoyance and "enlightenment." From very ancient times this property of the pyramids was used by the priests for initiation - the transition to a new understanding of the world. Initiation had several stages, each of which opened to the seeker new sides of being. The world is multidimensional - the ancient Egyptians knew it and could use it. Even now, some mystics come to Egypt who meditate in the chambers of the pyramids and say that they are charged with extraordinary energy.

Recently, scientists have become interested in the amazing properties of the pyramids, and they made a sensational message: it turns out that when the pyramids were erected, technology was used to control gravity! This conclusion is fully consistent with the representation of many mystics and occultists. Many of them spoke about this not one century ago, but their opinion caused distrust among representatives of official science.

Now everything has changed. Professor-Egyptologist Sayyid Karim, proved the fallibility of all previous theories of erecting pyramids, in particular, the use of sand embankments and moving decks for lifting stone blocks of stone weighing two and a half tons. Based on current scientific data and information obtained from ancient papyri, the scientist came to the conclusion that the ancient Egyptians were able to move stones over long distances, neutralizing the action of gravity forces through the use of acoustic vibrations and electrostatic stress. This ancient art was called sonic and was distributed among Egyptian initiates. Merry Hope came to a similar conclusion on the basis of her own independent research - another Egyptian scientist.

In the light of recent scientific discoveries, more and more scientists are now coming to the conclusion that
In the view of most people, a dwelling house is a rectangular box under a pitched roof.
To the constructions of the spherical and dome outlines the attitude is twofold. Drawing attention to the unusual "cosmic" appearance of many, they raise doubts about the reliability and convenience of living.

Overcome the existing "cubic" stereotype, objectively study the advantages and disadvantages of domed houses, to evaluate the possibility of their self-construction will help you this article.

House "sphere" - whim of the architect or a hint of nature?
To begin with, many of the outstanding inventions people borrowed from nature, watching the life of animals. Let's pay attention to the "technologies" used by birds in the construction of their homes. It is easy to see that here there are no right angles anywhere. Hemispheres, spheres, circles - only such forms are recognized by nature. It turns out that our favorite "box" is not the crown of creation.

Drawing attention to this natural phenomenon, engineers studied the mechanical properties of spherical and dome structures. It turned out that they not only have excellent aerodynamics, but also are much stronger than rectangular ones.
The energetically spherical surface is impeccable. With the maximum internal volume, it has a minimum area. Therefore, in the dome structure, the loss of heat to the environment is several times less than in an ordinary house. No wonder the inhabitants of the Arctic Eskimos for centuries built spherical houses "needle" of snow. Practical experience suggested to them what a wind-resistant and energy-efficient design should be.

Nowadays, spherical houses from the field of theoreticians have become practical technologies of ecological construction. Thousands of people around the world have had time to appreciate their advantages and do not regret their choice.
The name "fullerene" was given in honor of the famous American architect Buckminster Fuller, who proposed to build delicate domed structures with a combination of five and hexagons. At first glance it seems that the design is assembled from triangles, but the alternation of five- and six-ray centers corresponds exactly to the structure of fullerene.

Fuller - a molecular compound belonging to the class of allotropic forms of carbon and representing convex closed polyhedra, composed of an even number of three coordinated carbon atoms.

Types of finished product.
Pure water
Non-food products
Product Description
Product Description
Product Description
Water quality
Every human cell is surrounded by water molecules, because water is a binder that connects the rest of the cell. Considering this, the main purpose of MYWATER water is to preserve human health in environmental conditions, as well as to prevent and restore the protective immune properties of the body.

This is achieved by:

· Increased PH level (average 7.6 - 8.1.);
· Increased oxygen content (permanganate oxidation);
· Improved physical and chemical parameters;
· The ideal crystal lattice, which allows the human cell membrane to feed on water.
Mixing due to the destruction of the crystal lattice
Long storage of the received drink
No beverage stratification after long-term storage
Mixing of non-miscible products for various purposes
Living water with increased
PH content
People's health when using structured water
The quality of the product.
Where to apply our product.
Increase in profit
Live drinks without preservatives (water with various products: fruits / berries, herbs useful trace elements)
Ecogel on the basis of water, peat, manure and plants increases fertility and soil recultivation, stimulates growth and immunity of plants, birds, animals.
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